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Teaneck Locksmith Talks About Home Security

When you think about a locksmith, chances are you think about someone who comes and opens your car for you when you lock the keys inside.But that isn't everything a locksmith can do for you.We spoke with a professional Teaneck locksmith about security and what a Teaneck locksmith considers to be the most important security concern.The answer may surprise you.

The expert Teaneck locksmith we spoke with said that the number one security risk people face, is home burglaries.Most people will spend more time securing their car or bicycle than they will, thinking about home security.But, your home is where you need to feel the most safe.Discounting the damage and monetary loss that occurs with a home burglary, there is immeasurable psychological damage that occurs as well. Our Teaneck locksmith stated, that most people just do not take the simplest of precautions to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening to them.

So, we asked our Teaneck locksmith, what we can do to secure our home against break-ins.This is the advice we were given.

When you move into a new home, change the locks. Always, even if your home is new construction, our Teaneck locksmith said, never to trust a lock that anyone has ever had a key too.Don't replace your locks with cheap ones either.This is one place where skimping on quality to save some money, will not do you any good.

The Teaneck locksmith told us, that every homeowner should take a good look at the exterior of their home and ask themselves;

  • Does my home look easy to get into?
  • Is my home well lit?
  • Are there plants, trees or objects blocking the view of door, from neighbors or passers by?
  • Are windows placed close enough to doors that someone could break a window and reach in to unlock a door?